Gaming PC is better than PS4 Console.

ps4 vs pc

I once stumbled into a forum that was having a troubled discussion on choosing gaming pc instead of PS4 console. Most of them seem to agree that console is much better since they don’t have to spend large money on acquiring a good pc capable of playing high definition games. For me, i think they are not thinking right.

Here, we don’t have 24 hrs electricity to enable me enjoy gaming on a ps4 console – if I have one, so I had to Opt-in to a fantastic laptop for playing games. Most of you may think is right.. I prefer playing games on laptop. I can charge it and play with friends everywhere I go, unlike a console, which I have to keep at home and pray light comes so that I can play. You even feel disturbed when your friends are stuck in your house waiting for electricity too. Isn’t that really bad?

I am not trying to discourage you on buying PS4, but try to know if consider these things; electricity, availability of extra large TV, non-portability. It will be awkward if you carry your console around looking for were to charge it. I can just buy power bank and play till day break. So, mine will make you envy and really feel like throwing away your console.

But, i have a suggestion for you guys planning to purchase, save/keep your cash till you have enough money to buy the best gaming pc. With it, you can do browse on the internet, do your school projects and not stuck in games.

Try imaging having a full blown expensive Laptop with large RAM capable of playing high games like Battlefield, Tomb Raider etc, you will certainly be a freak who won’t bother of acquiring a dead flash ps4 console.

If you still insist on going for a PS4 console, I have one at the waste bin, which I willing to give out for free. Just contact me to get the address. If you waste more time, so one else might pick it. LOL.

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  1. Wilma says:

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your conrtibution is most welcome.

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