Clash Royale: How to get free gems

Clash Royale is being the great revolution in mobile games, and how it could be otherwise, many players are looking for the way to get gems in Clash Royale for free, a method that would allow them to significantly accelerate their growth in the game and have a few cards up arenas nonstop without any doubt.

That is why today we going to reveal a Clash Royale trick that will allow you, not do hack of the game, but yes to get a large number of gems to redeem with your user and open an unlimited number of chests, well be giant, magical or supermagicos.

Clash Royale is a very addictive game created by the guys from Supercell, the same creators of the legendary Clash of Clans. However, today we will see how to get these long-awaited gems in this new game from the company.


Clash Royale: a totally revolutionary game

For those who still do not know Clash Royale, say that it is an online and multiplayer strategy game in which we create our best war deck for face to face combat with other players and win the battles that we disputed with them. There are a total of three types of cards, which we see below, as well as different chests that contain our future letters, it will have what to open whenever we can.

As I said, there are a total of three types of cards: common, special and epic. The first is, as its name suggests, the most common and which appear us more frequently. Then there are the special, which we touched less frequently than before, but will provide us with a noticeable improvement in our attacks. Finally, epic letters, considered best of the game and that will cost us more get for free, being there where gems will appear in game.

You can use gems to open chests or buy cards, as well as to accelerate the time of opening of boxes or improvements. The treasure chests (giant, magical m and supermagico) may be purchased or if we are lucky and we have one after winning a battle, either redeeming them for gems.

The price of the chests will be changing as sand to where we are, so how much more arenas go up, more expensive will be the chests (better and more numerous since they will be the cards that we can find inside). Obviously, to achieve the required number of gems to open a box of these features is very difficult, so we will explain step by step a trick to get gems in Clash Royale free, while you may have to pay a just penny.


How to get gems in Clash Royale

There are many ways to acquire free clash royale gems, some of them can be these:

  • When we open the various chests, some of them can find a limited number of gems (in the majority of occasions between 2 and 4 gems, something ridiculous).
  • We can also get gems through the attainment of the different results. For example, if we join a clan, us it will award with some extra gems, as if we donate a large number of letters in the clan or if we got sand.
  • The third option is obviously going through box, although that option is obviously the least desired by the user. By a handful of gems (80), you will have to pay € 0.99, while by a bag (500), we will have to pay €4.99. Thus to be able to buy a total of 14,000 gems for a “reasonable” price of €99.99.

Even if it seems somewhat rare, are more than one players who end up going through box to get gems in Clash Royale, although that is easy to avoid when you teach our most precious trick that will allow you to get money and exchange it for gems easily.


This is not a hack for Clash Royale, it is better

We want to make very clear that This is not a Clash Royale hack that will allow you to get free gems, rather it is a trick that will allow you to earn virtual money, which you can later redeem for gems in Clash Royale. This is why, as if you were looking for is a hack, this is not your place, sorry.

Why don’t you provide a hack to get gems in Clash Royale? Very easy, it simply does not exist or does not function properly. In fact, in the majority of cases these so-called “hack” of Clash Royale (or even some APK circulating for Android) are simply viruses which do not make bitter you existence and endanger all of your personal data and your privacy. For that simple reason, in SoloApp we don’t want to talk about such hacks.

Now, no more expansion, we leave you with the trick to get gems in Clash Royale, a foolproof method that we are sure that you’ll and will allow you to get plenty of gems in the faster and more convenient way.

Trick to win gems in Clash Royale

To perform this trick to Clash Royale we will need an affiliate program called FeaturePoints. Its operation is very simple, we checked and when we download free apps on our phone pay us virtual money. This virtual money can be exchanged for gems in Clash Royale, by that when we get the minimum money to redeem it for a coupon, we will get a good number of gems. The best? You can redeem as many coupons you want, so you can get unlimited gems forever.

Here we leave you with the steps that you must follow to perform this wonderful tricks:

  • Access the Clash Royale Hack.
  • We introduce this code XX3WGH to get 50 coins of welcome.
  • Once you have entered the code above, we will see that we already have 50 coins in our portfolio, so we simply start downloading free applications to get more coins and thus redeem them later for gems.

When we get the coins needed to get gems in Clash Royale, we will simply have to go to the “Rewards” tab, choose the option to redeem, click on “Get Reward” and expect that the system give us a key to later redeem it for gems to Clash Royale.


Easy and quick, we can begin to generate Clash Royale gems free, quick and easy. Isn’t it great? If you have any problems do not hesitate to tell us and we will help you in everything that is in our hand.

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